Fly Vises

Dyna-King Kingfisher Pedestal Kit Vise

Dyna-King Kingfisher Pedestal Kit ViseDescription: A high quality kit that every tying beginner or novice should have Included with the kit is a Kingfisher vise DR SLICK professional tier tools a sampling of DAIICHI hooks tying materials from WASPSI to tie 3 types of caddis flies Also included is a CD ROM Fly Tying the Angler s Art Tying... Read More »

Dyna-King Trekker Pedestal Vise

Dyna-King Trekker Pedestal ViseDescription: A light weight vise to accommodate the angling trekker Machined with sold stainless steel and aluminum Complete with delrin cap screw and a light weight bobbin hanger Specifications: Hook range: 8 0 22 Length Jaw tip to end 8 1 2 Height Jaw tip to desk... Read More »

Stonfo Transformer Fly Tying Vise

Stonfo Transformer Fly Tying ViseThe Transformer is a high quality product that thanks to a fast coupling device on the shaft can be transformed from in-line vise to tube-fly vise or streamer vise. Three vises in one with just a click. The stainless steel shaft is in-line full rotary by dual precision ball bearings. All parts of three vises... Read More »

Regal Medallion, C-Clamp Fly Tying Vise

Regal Medallion, C-Clamp Fly Tying ViseRegal Travel Fly Tying Vise... Read More »

Goture Rotary Fly Tying Vise with Heavy Pedestal Base for Fly Fishing Bait DIY with Case for Travel

Goture Rotary Fly Tying Vise with Heavy Pedestal Base for Fly Fishing Bait DIY with Case for TravelThe process of creating flies is really intricate and needs attention to detail throughout the process. Without patience and spending a lot of time, you cannot make flies and, at times, you will even be required to use both of your hands. However, you can still make the process easy by using a vise. It... Read More »

Super AA Vise

Super AA ViseThe Super AA Vise has hardened steel jaws with lever action that hold a wide variety of hooks. Features a black no-glare finish. C-Clamp attached vise securely to work... Read More »

Regal Medallion Fly Tying Vise, Traditional base

Regal Medallion Fly Tying Vise, Traditional baseThe traditional model with bronze base. The Regal Medallion Vise is the flagship of the Regal Vise line. This iconic and often imitated design is the pinnacle of vise technology. Open the Jaws, insert your hook and start tying. There is nothing to adjust even when you are switching from a tiny midge to a... Read More »

Peak Fishing Peak Vise D-Arm

Peak Fishing Peak Vise D-ArmPeak’s D-Arm is a handy horizontal extension that can be added to any standard rotary fly tying vise with a 1/4″ diameter handle. A 5/32″ Allen wrench is included to allow you to position the D-Arm at the desired height and secure it to the existing... Read More »

Wheel Vise for Fly Tying or Tying Flies. Simple to use.

Wheel Vise for Fly Tying or Tying Flies. Simple to use.The Wheel Vise is simple to use and easy to operate. You can simply tighten and loosen the jaws by turning the wheel. Great for introductory fly... Read More »

Crown Rotating Vise – #104

Crown Rotating Vise – #104Spring action jaws.Specially hardened steel jaws hold hooks securely. Adjustable jaw angle. Deluxe combination of brass and no glare black... Read More »

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